Landscapes In-Flux

Journey through the dynamic floodplains of holy river Ganga at Prayagraj, India

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River Ganga flows through one of the most sacred pilgrimage spots in the city of Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh where it meets its largest tributary Yamuna. The site at the confluence of these rivers hosts the Hindu festival – “Kumbh Mela” where myriads of pilgrims’ bathe in river Ganga.

The festival acts as an external force of human disturbance which renders the dynamic floodplain landscape in a constant state of flux generating conditions for constantly changing phases of festival, agriculture, deluge and preparation landscapes which frames the ‘Genius Loci’ of this dynamic floodplain landscape. This dynamic identity of the region is threatened due to the challenges faced by its changing phases along with future challenges pertaining to climate change, unregulated urban sprawl and growing number of pilgrims. Thus, for the landscape to adapt to its changing nature resilience approach is chosen. This approach is essential for maintaining natural functions of the floodplains along with satisfying its local livelihoods and cultural values of festival and pilgrimage.

Therefore, the project proposes a multi scalar approach to envision a multi-functional landscape framework for the region. The spatial strategies envisioned are executed by concept of ecological planning and designing with nature. These strategies are used to provide resilience to the floodplains which helps them adapt to its constantly changing phases of festival, agriculture, deluge and preparation landscapes.