Integrated design and allocation of optimal aircraft departure routes

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This paper presents a new multi-objective optimization formulation for the design and allocation of optimal aircraft departure routes. In the considered problem – besides two conventional objectives based on cumulative noise criteria and fuel burn – a new objective considering the flight frequency is introduced. Moreover, to take advantage of the combination of designing new routes and allocating flights to these routes, two different routes are considered simultaneously, and the distribution of flights over these two routes is addressed in parallel. Then, a new version of the so-called MOEA/D optimization algorithm is developed to solve the formulated optimization problem. Two different case studies, one at Rotterdam The Hague Airport and one at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in The Netherlands, are carried out to evaluate the reliability and applicability of the proposed approach. The obtained results reveal that the proposed approach can provide solutions which can balance more effectively the concerned metrics such as the number of annoyed people, fuel burn, number of people exposed to certain noise levels, and number of aircraft movements which people are subjected to.