Skyport (Robotic - Aerial Container Port)

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Skyport is an automated flying container port based on hybrid - airship and robotic technologies. It is part of a global, aerial distribution network called Skycraft, created in order to replace current freight transportation modes with a system that is more effiecient in terms of energy and flexibility, and has a minimum impact on the natural environment. The airship is composed of the automated, container storage towers in the gondola section and the social spaces on the upper envelope section. Although the two parts are structurely seperated, spacially, social and automated spaces nterpenetrate and infuse into one another. The envelope is surrounded by a social ring which houses the recreation and office spaces, and also is penetrated and cut by observation and viewing decks. The robotic facilities are relatively deisgned transperant and contain also observation decks so that the kinetic flows, of people and freight can be percieved by naked eye.