Mechanical Characterisation of Multi-Wythe Masonry Bridge in the City of Amsterdam

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This paper presents the results of an experimental campaign carried out to characterise the mechanical properties of multi-wythe masonry infrastructure in the city of Amsterdam. Samples were extracted from a 1.2 m thick bridge’s pillar constructed in 1882. For the characterisation of shear and compressive properties of masonry, tests on cores with a 100 mm diameter were performed at the Stevinlaboratorium of Delft University of Technology. Samples were extracted along different locations in the wall thickness to evaluate the effect of exposure to environment conditions. Overall, the study provides a first insight on the mechanical properties of multi-wythe masonry city infrastructure and knowledge regarding the sampling and testing strategy for these structures. In turn, this will increase the knowledge on multi-wythe masonry, which is limited in literature, and will support the assessment of many infrastructures in typical Dutch canal cities.