Dynamics of the Pitch-able VAWT

A Study of the Dynamics of the Vertical Axis Wind Turbine with Individual Pitch Control

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Society is finally entering a new age of renewable energy development. For the first time it is truly conceivable to power a vast majority of global energy use with a combination of wind, solar, and other forms of low carbon, renewable power. The rise of electrification and so called ”Power to X”, where renewable energy is used to create other more condensed and potentially storable sustainable fuels, will require a significant increase in the capacity of electrical grid networks worldwide in the coming decades. One of the largest growing sectors in renewable energy is offshore wind power. With farms in operation for over two decades, offshore wind has been predominately deployed in relatively shallow water in the North Sea of Europe. While expanding to global markets is possible with fixed bottom machines, the resource is relatively limited based on the strict seabed requirements. Moving to floating offshore wind platforms, demonstrated in pilot projects like Hywind Scotland, has the potential to vastly expand the potential wind resource and open markets in the Americas and Asia which would otherwise be unreachable....