Improving Work-From-Home Satisfaction During COVID-19

Helping homeworkers manage work and family together for better work-from-home satisfaction.

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This project deals with the creation of mechanisms for self-assessment in work-from-home (WFH) environments to enhance people's satisfaction. The core of the project lies in increasing WFH satisfaction by incorporating self-experimenting into work and family activities. This relies on the determinants of satisfaction and how homeworkers relate to personal satisfaction during these days of forced working-from-home. Based on the challenges of work-from-home satisfaction, the project explains the idea of a shift ritual, and how a design intervention can enable, stimulate, guide, and support homeworkers to use the ritual to achieve satisfaction. This concept is facilitated using a physical design for day to day use in the home-work environments, thereby providing homeworkers the option to easily switch between work and private activities and also feel accomplished for their daily tasks.