The dynamically expressive dress

“Non verbal expression of emotions through desirable Techno-Fashion”

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How do we express and experience body language, and how can we translate that into an application of Techno-Fashion that is desirable and understandable, for the wearer and his/her environment? How can this application provide an alternative for the current use of regular clothing? Through research about current expressive behaviour through clothing, it was found that there is a desire for an outfit that can dynamically change according to ones mood. Through the Vision in Product Design method, a future context has been created: In a world where technology enables clothing to be dynamically expressive, an application of Techno-Fashion makes people feel more comfortable when expressing themselves, offline, and helps with the human value in interacting. The designed garment is a dress that is able to change its aesthetics according to the expressive desire of its wearer. When the user finds herself in a social setting with a moderate expressive atmosphere, she can choose to change the expressive aesthetics of the dress to being subtle. When being in a more outgoing atmosphere, she can change the dress aesthetics to expressive. The dress makes use of fiber optic wires, LED’s and miniature motors to change the hues and silhouette of the dress. In the end the design proves to be a credible alternative for current expressive behaviour through clothing, and it provides a design that creates a deeper connection with its wearer.