Making architecture part of a Flood Risk Management strategy through the incorporation of the Dutch water narrative

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Around the world, the Netherlands has a respectable reputation when it comes to water management, with other countries applying best practices to their own water related challenges. This reputation of the Netherlands has been a result of a decade long tradition of living with challenging water conditions. This has resulted in a highly cultured polder landscape that is iconic to the Dutch identity. This research report will explore how this iconic landscape and its buildings will need to adapt to changing climate conditions and how more awareness could be formed for the country’s special relationship to surrounding water. Focus on this transition is important, as the reclaimed land lies several meters under NAP and is also the location that most housing projects in the Dutch Randstad will be situated on. The ultimate aim of the paper is to create an architectonical tactic for Flood Risk Management (FRM) that can add value to Dutch polder areas by increasing awareness regarding the Dutch relationship to water.