Hybrid Morphologies

An Interdisciplinary Model for Waterfront Architecture - The Case of Zwijndrecht

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Today we are facing an unpredictable future due to our climate change, which is causing an acceleration in sea-level rise and consequently flooding. Coastlines, docks, ports, deltas are at greater risk of flooding and damage, they are vulnerable to the escaping water and wetness, which leaves behind sorrow and grief. This thesis focuses on developing an interdisciplinary approach to design in waterfront areas prone to flooding, case study Zwiijndrecht. The project proposes a programmatic and spatial re - programming of an industrial area outside of the dike, by introducing a public program. The site is redeveloped through a landscape, architectural and infrastructural strategy where the site filtrates, buffers and transforms itself through the fluctuating water levels. Furthermore, the different programs, an ecological center and sports center, invite different audiences to experience the waterfront area providing a new perception.