Terminal do Seixal

Hydro-morphological study

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The calculations of bottom changes presented in our report "Terminal do Seixal Hydro-morphological study", February 1982 were based on a calibrated sediment transport formula. This formula was calibrated with the results of measurements made by Hydronamic in September 1981. These measurements were executed during one of the driest summers Portugal ever have had. Because of this exceptional summer there was some doubt on the reliability of the calibrated formula for winter situations. From a theoretical point of view one can justify that the influence of the sediments transported by the Tagus river is negligible in the Seixal area, because of the large distance between the point where the river enters the estuary (Vila Franca de Xira) and the Seixal area. This report deals with these additional measurements which were executed in the period from February 2nd until February 9th, 1982. The backbone of the equipment was the Hydronamic Sediment Transport Meter which encompasses a frame with sensors and a calculator-unit.