Topology Optimization Algorithm for Synthesis of Dynamically Balanced Compliant Mechanisms

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As mechanisms become increasingly precise, so becomes the reduction of noise and vibration increasingly important. One method for eliminating vibrations in mechanisms is dynamic balancing. This method prevents vibrations from occurring by designing the mechanism such that the inertial forces and moments of all bodies in the mechanism cancel each other out kinematically. Generally, this is done by cleverly adding masses to existing mechanisms or by using symmetric mechanisms which move in opposite directions. Another method for the synthesis of mechanisms is topology optimization. This method can be used to design dynamically balanced mechanisms without the need for symmetry or redundant masses.

An algorithm is developed, based on the 99-line code, to synthesize such dynamically balanced mechanisms. As a test case, an off-centered (thereby usually unbalanced) force-inverter is designed, and a significant reduction in the shaking forces and shaking moments is achieved. The resulting geometries are analyzed in COMSOL to verify the results of the algorithm and perform further analyses on the performance of the algorithm.