Step Into the Driver’s Seat: A Participatory Value Evaluation of the Public Transport Policy Preferences of the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area & Israeli Face Validity Analysis

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The transportation system in Israel is facing a crisis due to its heavy reliance on private vehicles. To shift towards sustainable mobility, improving public transport quality in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area is crucial. This research investigates the preferences of Tel Aviv citizens regarding transport projects aimed at enhancing public transport and encouraging alternative mobility methods. The study utilizes the Participatory Value Evaluation (PVE) method, where citizens curate their preferred project portfolio within a limited budget, assuming decision-making authority. The research also explores the face validity of PVE in Israel, considering the distinct governance perception in the country. This research provides valuable insights into Tel Aviv citizens' preferences for transport projects that enhance public transport quality and promote sustainable mobility. Through the application of PVE, the study reveals project preferences, face validity perceptions, and potential avenues for future research, contributing to the advancement of sustainable transport policies and decision-making processes in Israel.