Optimum enlargement of the Eefde lock using a simulation model

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With the development of the inland waterway transport, ship locks become more and more important as infrastructure in waterway network. Currently, there are a lot of studies about the capacity of locks, but the impact of the chamber’s horizontal dimension on the passing time and the costs-benefits should be studied more. In order to study the method of selecting optimum scenarios of enlarging locks, Eefde lock is taken as a case. The thesis is aimed to determine the optimum enlargement scenario for the Eefde lock. Furthermore, the relationship between the horizontal dimension of chambers and costs-benefits is also found and suggestions are given to other locks with insufficient capacity. In the thesis, different scenarios are made at first, and then SIVAK (Simulation model for Waterways and Infrastructure) is used for simulations. The study finds that the enlargement of width is more effective to reduce waiting time than the enlargement of the chamber’s length. After the study of the Eefde lock, approach to the optimum enlargement scenarios is generalized for other locks.