Analysis of Contrail Formation Regions and Changes due to Climate Impact

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As global warming has become a prominent issue for mankind, scientists are working on every possible aspects to slow down its pace. Aviation emission contributes more and more to the anthropogenic climate impact. Contrails contribute to about 30% of the aviation induced RF. Among the options that are proposed to mitigate the formation of contrails, one of it is to reroute the aircraft in a way to avoid flying through the contrail formation regions (CFRs). To carry out this option, it is necessary to have a better understanding of the distribution of the CFRs as well as their seasonal variation and future trend. The CFRs analyzed in this thesis are simulated by EMAC model, the CFRs' characterisations studied include their zonal and meridional coverage length, stretch factor, direction in the vertical and horizontal planes as well as their seasonal variations and future trend.