Beyond Monetary value

An alternative approach to creating value with innovation

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This thesis answers the question: “How can we generate and maximise value from technologies that sit in the periphery of the technology development ecosystem?”. The launchpad innovation strategy provides the solution. A technology in the periphery of the development eco-system fell out of development after changes to the technology strategy. The project owner remained adamant that there was value to the product if licensed. The goal was to create value, and the product was developed to create as much value as possible to its users. But rather than designing a product to create value for the user, turning those roles around provided an interesting perspective. By designing a strategy to create value for the company from this type of technology product an interesting strategy was designed. The strategy’s aim is to create as much value as possible, but rather than focus on revenue, it looks at what technology can create that creates long term benefits. The strategy revolves around creating a type of company that sits between a corporate startup and a spinout with the purpose of commercialising the technology. The companies are autonomous but have close contacts to the mother company allowing for the exchange of money, information, people and most important knowledge. This is the launchpad strategy.