Evaluation and Comparison of the Public Construction Legislations of Turkey and the Netherlands in the Context of Project Planning and Control

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Completion of public-owned construction projects successfully is quite important for Turkeyas a rapidly developing country. However, schedule delays and budget overruns arefrequently encountered in such projects. One of the major reasons of this situation is thenonexistence of legislative provisions enforcing project parties to utilize advanced projectplanning and control methods in their projects. This paper firstly introduces the results of aninvestigation conducted on the public construction legislation in force in the Netherlands andrelated practices. Secondly, the results of a review on public construction legislation in forcein Turkey are given to reveal the deficiencies in the regulations from the perspective ofproject planning and control. Subsequently, a number of legislative amendments areproposed to eliminate these deficiencies. Finally, to give some international context to thestudy, the two countries were compared. The findings showed that the legislation of theNetherlands also does not contain obligatory terms towards the implementation of advancedproject planning and control methods. However, the usage of these methods are ensuredthrough the quality control systems applied tightly based on the regulations put into forcewithin the scope of contracts. Future research could focus on including more countries in thecomparative study.