Approaches to Plastic Heritage

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The Docomomo Journal looks back to a long history and has started as a ‘newsletter’ in in August 1989 to facilitate the communication among the young docomomo community. Since then, the responsibility for the journal has moved with the headquarters and each generation of the journal has developed its own characteristic and focus. Since 1993 the ‘newsletter’ evolved into a thematic journal, reflecting the archival and on-site research on Modern Movement materials, technologies and typologies executed by individual members and Specialist Committees. The journals 9-26 shed light on the conceptual and technological particularities of Modern Movement buildings and sites. During the ‘Paris Period’ the journals 27-41 created a unique overview about the diversity of Modern Movement around the world. Finally, when moving the headquarters to Barcelona and subsequently Lisbon the journal entered into a phase of broader theoretical reflection about the principles and foundations of Modern Movement displayed in the issues 41-65.