Eemdijk full-scale field test programme: ground dike and sheet pile dike failure test (Programme d’essai terrain à taille réelle Eemdijk: essais de déformation et de rupture pour une digue standard en terre et une digue renforcée avec palplanchesitre)

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Dikes in the Netherlands have traditionally been constructed with soil. Climate change and subsidence requires heightening and or reinforcing these existing dikes. Traditional reinforcements demand additional space, which in some cases conflicts with existing buildings. Applying sheet pile walls in dikes allows for strengthening while minimizing the increase in footprint. However, a validated design approach that complies with relevant regulations lacks. To enable the validation of a proposed design approach, a full-scale field test programme (Eemdijkproef) was performed near the town of Eemdijk, The Netherlands. It consisted of a step wise approach: 1) sheet pile pullover tests, 2) ground dike stability test, 3) sheet pile dike stability test. All tests were loaded until failure occurred. The two similar test dikes were constructed at full scale (5m high, 25m wide, 60m long). In one dike an 18m long sheet pile wall was installed. This paper presents the test setup, monitoring, measurements and first findings. The test program provides better insight in the soil-structure interaction of the reinforced dike, on soft soil, under high water and uplift conditions. Ultimately this will lead to a validated design approach for sheet pile walls in dikes.