An Adaptive Vision

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‘Marineterrein’ is located on Kattenburg in Amsterdam. The Navy settle at Kattenburg for a long time until they came to the conclusion to relocate to the north of the Netherlands, and will leave at the end of 2018. The redesign of the Marineterrein is in hands of ‘Rijksvastgoedbedrijf’ and the municipality of Amsterdam. Therefore many companies and inhabitants are interested in the area. Economical, historical, leisure and living are important factors for the different entities. For the inhabitants of Amsterdam the area is close to the city, which can be perfect for dwelling and to connect with people. This is also economically interesting for the investors. For the municipality the area has also great potential for trial and error and everything is possible with regards to design. On the other hand, it’s an unknown and very desirable place. These leads to a paradox conflict of the development of the site. To get control on the area and not to be fixed on one master plan, the municipality developed guidelines which are focused on vision and ambition. I took these different vision and ambition guidelines into account that resulted into my vision: redeveloping, activating, innovating and connecting the building 25 on the Marineterrein, it becomes an attractive and futuristic neighborhood. This resulted in my graduation project” An adaptive Vision”.