Computational Modelling tools for the promotion of Design for Deconstruction

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This Master’s thesis is focused on the ambiguous topic concept of Designing for Deconstruction and its application within the construction industry. The aim of the research is to investigate the feasibility of the concept by pointing out the main topics of interest that could influence its overall performance and propose a strategy that will assess the environmental and financial performance of the concept when applied on a new design. The strategy will also propose a scheme for utilization of the concept for managerial purposes. Furthermore, the main objective is to implement the proposed strategy into a computational modeling toolbox based on the principals of parametric and associative design. The toolbox will provide assessment of the various factors which could affect the early design stage of a project, aligning with the main requirement of Designing for Deconstruction that is to be applied in this preliminary stage of a design process. The toolbox is developed to fit the modeling platform Rhino3D (McNeel) through Grasshopper3D.