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Improving the Teacher's Experience of an Existing Online Node-link Course Tool

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The online website Skill Circuits is a tool developed by teachers at the Delft University of Technology. Skill Circuits is an online learning tool that presents students with a node-link (i.e. a tree) structure where each node represents a skill, containing tasks that aim to teach the skill. The website aims to benefit teachers, by letting them think how all the 'skills' in their course relate and whether or not they have sufficient material to teach these skills. At the same time, the website aims to benefit students by giving them a learning path to follow, where each step is a small task, and each skill is visually connected to previous skills, showing how the learning material is connected.
This thesis aimed to help new teachers understand the concept of these node-link structures --- called skill circuits --- and also expand the website with features to help them evaluate their skill circuits, both before and during the course.
A documentation help page was developed, which explained the concept and intended usage of the website and was accompanied by a proof-of-concept skill circuit explaining the same topics. Tools to help evaluate a skill circuit were also developed, which included tools that could be used before the course was held, and tools that used analytics generated by students. One noteworthy tool took inspiration from the Constructive Alignment principle, where a teacher can label parts of their skill circuit with learning objectives to see if there is alignment with their course material.
All of these features were evaluated with a small focus group consisting of teachers, which showed enthusiasm toward the proposed features.