PMU-based power system analysis of a medium-voltage distribution grid

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The installation of phasor measurement units (PMUs) by Enduris, one of the distribution network operators in the Netherlands to monitor their 50 kV ring distribution grid has resulted in increased observability of the power flows and voltages. However, with the increased observability, there is a need to analyse the distribution grid based on the data generated by the PMU monitoring system. This study provides steady-state and dynamic analysis of the 50 kV Enduris ring distribution grid in terms of voltage and power flow behaviour based on the real-time data acquired from the PMUs. First, the Enduris 50 kV distribution grid under study is modelled in PowerFactory software. This model is subsequently used for analysis of the distribution grid behaviour for two contingencies. The contingencies are actual grid events observed by the PMUs, and using this data, the contingencies are simulated and analysed. The analysis results of each contingency are compared with the data from the PMU monitoring system.