A Modified Version of the IEEE 39-bus Test System for the Day-Ahead Market

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Reaching net-zero emissions within the proposed time requires an enormous effort from the energy sector, and it is even more challenging for the electricity infrastructure. This article offers a modified version of the IEEE 39-bus system specifically created to allow zonal day-ahead market (ZDAM) simulations. The system representation is based on the original version of the IEEE 39-bus system but considers the integration of renewable energy resources (RES) in the generation mix: solar and wind. Hourly time series are used to define load profiles and wind and solar power generation. The zonal dayahead energy market information has been created by solving the optimisation problem. Numerical results of the proposed power test system are provided for the yearly ZDAM and steady-state performance, in N and N-l conditions, respectively, through Pyomo and DIgSILENT PowerFactory features.