A Study on Geometric and Material Properties of the Mangrove Root System in Singapore

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Although the effect of wave attenuation by mangrove has been widely observed and studied, the problem pertaining to how to accurately describe the geometrical properties is still remaining unresolved. Also, the material properties of mangrove root have not been comprehensively studied before. This is study is dedicated for the survey on geometric and material properties of mangrove in Singapore for future modeling work. In this study, two types of mangrove are surveyed, as Sonneratia alba and Rhizophora, for the two survey types of mangroves are mostly abundant in Singapore and Johor River region. Photogrammetry technique has been extensively practiced for capturing the geometrical properties of the mangrove root. Lab testing has been carried out to obtain the material properties of mangrove root. The geometrical properties studied are mainly root density, root distribution and root height. The material properties studied are the mass density, moisture content and modulus of elasticity of the mangrove roots.