Cyber-Physical Co-Simulation Testbed for Real-Time Reactive Power Control in Smart Distribution Network

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Existing electric power distribution systems are evolving and changing as a result of the high renewable energy sources integration. Hence, future smart distribution networks will involve various technical challenges; one of them is real-time monitoring and controlling the network to operate it effectively and efficiently. This paper develops and analyzes a cyber-physical co-simulation testbed for real-time reactive power control in the smart distribution network. The testbed is a two-layer system, with Typhoon HIL 604 representing the physical layer and the other layer as a cybernetic layer. The cybernetic layer is used to model a test system and control reactive power from smart inverters in real-time. The implementation of real-time reactive power control of smart inverters on a CIGRE MV distribution network is shown in this study. The proposed testbed's usefulness in real-time reactive power control is demonstrated through simulation results.