A data-driven approach for ship-bridge collision candidate detection in bridge waterway

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The consequences caused by bridge failures owing to the ship-bridge collision are always severe in terms of loss of life, economy, and environmental consequences to individuals and societies. The previous studies focused on the ship-bridge collision mainly concentrated on passive anti-collision, such as strengthening the bridge structure or setting anti-collision facilities. Compared with the previous research, the contribution of this work is to facilitate the reduction of collision risk of ship-bridge collision from the perspective of active anti-collision. A data-driven approach for ship-bridge collision candidate detection method in inland bridge waterways is proposed in this research. The approach is mainly divided into two steps: 1) The features (channel boundary, pier domain, and ship domain) of bridge waterways are identified using Kernel Density Estimation (KDE) method based on the historical AIS data; 2) Collision candidate detection with Velocity Obstacle (VO) method considering the identified features. This work can provide beneficial support for the ship-bridge active collision avoidance system.