Track Me & Chase Me: an Engaging Environment for Paediatric Therapy

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This report is an account of the design project about a new playscape for the Child Development and Exercise Center of the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital (WKZ)
in Utrecht. The appropriateness the centre's current exercise room for children’s play and ergonomic skills is highly age-dependent and its possibilities for interaction are limited. Therefore, the relocation of the centre in 2018 was used as an opportunity to evaluate the use of Playscape 1.0 and design a new ‘Playscape 2.0’ that supports a variety of interactions for various target groups. The design process results in the proposal of a 'master plan' for the whole room, an adaptable environment (Track Me) and an interactive design (Chase Me). Track Me and Chase Me consists of various elements that can be placed in various positions and in this way support various activities. Track Me can shape a play or training environment, and supports activities concerning gross motor skills (e.g. crawling, climbing, jumping or balancing). Chase Me features two interactive modes (chase and play), and challenges speed and gross manipulative skills (e.g. running, reaching, aiming or manipulating).