An 'Offline' Virtual Community

To Design a Public Condenser as a 'System'

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The virtual world, existing in parallel with the physical one, has reshaped our life. Nowadays as people rely increasingly on social media for mutal interactions, ‘the virtual community actually becomes the real form of community today’ (Clark, A.). Such reliance owes to the ‘customizing system with hirarchy’ of virtual community to a large extent. This situation is especially dominant on the site of Morgestond, Den Haag: a generic post war city where most migrants lives. Having rarely any leading culture or shared memory, the community struggled to establish a commen sense of belonging. However, if taking the architecture as a ‘system’, it has the capability to learn from virtual community. With a translational process, the ‘customizing system’ of virtual community was first diagrammized, then spatialized and materialized as an architecture. The building is expected to guide its various users layer by layer, to their own favorite ‘channel’, and help them establish a sense of belonging to their community.