Security Constrained Unit Commitment and Economic Dispatch applied to the Modified IEEE 39-bus system Case

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The operation schedule of the power generation units in electrical power systems is determined by the optimisation problem known as unit commitment (UC), aiming at minimising the total cost considering the generation constraints. To obtain a feasible solution from the network perspective, the security-constrained UC (SCUC) problem has been defined to embed the network constraints in the optimisation problem as well. Also, the higher penetration of renewable energy sources (RES) has increased the difficulty of UC problem, mainly due to the uncertainty and the high variability of RES. This paper proposed a SCUC with economic dispatch (SCUCED) optimisation developed in two stages. The first one is the solution of a merit-order based zonal day-ahead market (ZDAM) optimisation to define a preliminary generation schedule. In the second stage, the SCUCED is solved based on AC load flow routines and sensitivity factors to embed the full network representation. The approach is applied to a modified version of the IEEE 39-bus test system.