Shaping the Future of Shared Services Centers

Insights from a Delphi Study About SSC Transformation Towards 2030

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In recent years, shared services centers (SSCs) have been central to organizational transformation strategies of many large firms and governments to reduce costs, improve service quality, and innovate services. SSCs are undergoing significant transformations due to the advancement of technologies. To better understand the technologies’ impact on SSCs in 2030, a Delphi panel with over 30 experts, executives, and researchers was conducted in the first half of 2020. Panelists pointed out six recent technologies potentially impacting SSCs by 2030: AI/ML, internet/package-based automation, BPMS/RPA, business analytics, blockchain, and cloud computing. The experts expect that these technologies will cause a transformation in the SSC business model and disruptive changes in SSC employees’ and managers’ profiles. Managers cannot merely continue their regular efforts and should refocus from automating repetitive functions towards intensifying the use of technology in value-adding services. The outcomes should help public and private sector managers to be ahead of change and prepare their organizations for the future of SSCs.