Parametric Healing Environments in the AMC building

Computational design in the context of healing spaces

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The following project is an exploration of computational tools, parametric design and robotic fabrication in the context of the AMC hospital. This multi-functional and complex structuralist building is due for renovation, both in terms of sustainability but also innovation, technology and place-making. It was an ideal testing ground for the way these new technologies can improve the healing qualities of space, quantitatively and qualitatively (i.e thermal comfort, acoustics, light properties, vegetation, ergonomics, etc). My design consists of a parasitic intervention or pavilion within the public areas of the AMC that integrates several parameters through variable scales and porosity and can be materialized through additive manufacturing. It also displays the interesting dynamic of how non-standard architecture can enhance standard architecture. The research and methods utilized can be transferred to other fields as well, since the scripting and algorithms developed are applicable through a wide array of projects.