Wake Bursting Effects of a Drooped Spoiler Panel in a Wing-Flap Configuration

An Experimental Investigation

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Nowadays, the evolution of multi-element airfoils presents a change of route, towards a "circular arch", in order to achieve the ultimate lift force [9]. Particularly, for wing-ap configurations, the enhancement of high lift performance, is of great interest and growing research at Delft University of Technology. Typically, the main approach with respect to delivering higher lift forces is by deecting the ap to higher angles of attack. However, the higher this angle is, the larger the curvature of the ow. As a result, separated ow dominates most of the ap's contour and significant part of the lift force might be lost. This problem is known to engineers for years and in order to overcome this lift loss, additional ow control techniques seem to be essential. Thus, with the goal of lift improvement in mind, the effect of drooped spoiler application was investigated experimentally, for a wing- Fowler ap model, at critical flight conditions i.e. high ap deection angle of 50o and Re = 1:6 _ 106 (40 m/s).