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Broxterman, Stefan (author)
Topology optimization is a strong approach for generating optimal designs which cannot be obtained using conventional optimization methods. Improving structural characteristics by changing the internal topology of a design domain has been fascinating scientists and engineers for years. Topology optimization can be described as a distribution of...
master thesis 2017
Ramirez Gutierrez, C.A. (author)
A large number of wind energy installations exist on rich wind resource sites. Nevertheless, estimates show that about 50% of the world’s wind energy resource has a wind speed of 7 m/s or less. For these low wind speed resource areas, low wind turbine technology is required. For this reason, this DTU Wind Energy master project, in cooperation...
master thesis 2014
Hendrich, T.J.M. (author)
Traditionally, the aircraft design process is divided into three phases: conceptual, preliminary and detailed design. In each subsequent phase, the fidelity of the analysis tools increases and more and more details of the design geometry are frozen. In each phase a number of design variants is generated, fully analyzing them with the tools...
master thesis 2011