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Visser, T. (author), de Visser, C.C. (author), van Kampen, E. (author)
In recent research efforts the multivariate simplex spline has shown great promise in system identification applications. It has high approximation power, while its linearity in the parameters allows for computationally efficient estimation of the coefficients. In this paper the multivariate simplotope spline is derived from this spline, and...
conference paper 2016
van den Aarssen, M.S.T. (author), Visser, T. (author), de Visser, C.C. (author)
High performance control allocation methods for the Innovative Control Effectors (ICE) aircraft require accurate onboard aerodynamic models, with preferably first order continuity. Simplotope B-Splines, an extension on Simplex B-Splines, have a high approximation power by using local cost functions. However, enforcing global continuity produces...
conference paper 2019