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Dong, J. (author), Fernandez Fueyo, E. (author), Hollmann, F. (author), Paul, C.E. (author), Pesic, M. (author), Schmidt, S. (author), Wang, Yonghua (author), Younes, S.H.H. (author), Zhang, W. (author)
Oxidation chemistry using enzymes is approaching maturity and practical applicability in organic synthesis. Oxidoreductases (enzymes catalysing redox reactions) enable chemists to perform highly selective and efficient transformations ranging from simple alcohol oxidations to stereoselective halogenations of non‐activated C−H bonds. For many of...
journal article 2018
Yin, L.J. (author), Dong, Juntao (author), Wang, Yinping (author), Zhang, Bi (author), Zhou, Zheng Yang (author), Jian, Xian (author), Wu, Mengqiang (author), Xu, Xin (author), van Ommen, J.R. (author), Hintzen, H.T.J.M. (author)
Many strategies have been adopted to improve thermal degradation of phosphors. Because of the stability and high transmittance of graphene, here we report a novel method of carbon coating on BaMgAl<sub>10</sub>O<sub>17</sub>:Eu<sup>2+</sup> (BAM) phosphor particles through chemical vapor deposition. The chemical composition, microstructure,...
journal article 2016