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van Oosterom, P.J.M. (author), Lemmen, Chrit (author), Thompson, R.J. (author), Janecka, Karel (author), Zlatanova, S. (author), Kalantari, Mohsen (author)
In this chapter we address various aspects of 3D Cadastral Information Modelling. Of course, this is closely related to the legal framework and initial registration as presented in the first two chapters. Cadastral data models, such as the Land Administration Domain Model, which include 3D support, have been developed for legal information...
conference paper 2018
Gózdz, K. (author), Pachelski, W. (author), Van Oosterom, P.J.M. (author), Coors, V. (author)
The main objective of the paper is to elaborate the possibilities of applying CityGML for cadastral purposes, drawing particular attention to the three-dimensional representation of buildings. Technical realization of the issue is executed at the conceptual level by integration the Land Administration Domain Model, officially published as an...
conference paper 2011