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Zbiri, Mohamed (author), Haverkate, L.A. (author), Kearley, Gordon J. (author), Johnson, Mark R. (author), Mulder, F.M. (author)
Organic conducting materials exhibit promising functionalities, inducing hence a keen interest due to their potential use as a next generation photoconverters. However, unlike the more expensive inorganic analogues, the underlying properties that give rise to these advantages also cause organic materials to be inherently inefficient as...
journal article 2016
Haverkate, L.A. (author), Zbiri, M. (author), Johnson, M.R. (author), Carter, E. (author), Kotlewski, A. (author), Picken, S.J. (author), Mulder, F.M. (author), Kearley, G.J. (author)
Discotic liquid crystalline (DLC) charge transfer (CT) complexes combine visible light absorption and rapid charge transfer characteristics, being favorable properties for photovoltaic (PV) applications. We present a detailed study of the electronic and vibrational properties of the prototypic 1:1 mixture of discotic 2,3,6,7,10,11...
journal article 2014
Haverkate, L.A. (author)
This thesis explores some fundamental aspects of charge carrier transport at the nanoscale. The study is divided in two parts. In the first part, the structural, dynamical and vibrational properties of discotic liquid crystals are studied in relation to the potential of these self-assembled ‘mesophases’ to form molecular conducting wires....
doctoral thesis 2013