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Raiola, M. (author), Discetti, Stefano (author), Ianiro, A. (author), Samara, F. (author), Avallone, F. (author), Ragni, D. (author)
This study focuses on an active strategy for unsteady-load control by means of a trailing-edge flap. Experiments on a 2D pitching and heaving NACA 0018 airfoil with an actuated trailing-edge flap are performed at a reduced frequency κ = 0.1 in a free-stream flow with Re = 1.3 × 10<sup>5</sup>. The model is equipped with 24 differential...
journal article 2018
González, G. (author), Ragni, D. (author), Avallone, F. (author), Schneiders, J.F.G. (author), Casalino, D. (author), Ianiro, A. (author)
The analysis of the unsteady flow field of an axisymmetric subsonic jet at Reynolds numbers between 5,000 and 20,000 and computation of its unsteady pressure field is carried out from single snapshots of tomographic PIV measurements (acquisition rate 0.8 Hz). This is achieved by a recently developed pressure-evaluation technique based upon...
conference paper 2018
Ceglia, G. (author), Discetti, S. (author), Ianiro, A. (author), Michaelis, D. (author), Astarita, T. (author), Cardone, G. (author)
An investigation of the three-dimensional flow field of a turbulent swirling jet at RE = 50 . 10 3 generated by an aero-engine injector for lean premixing prevaporized burner is carried out with tomographic particle image velocimetry. This work is focused on the organization of the coherent structures arising within the near field of the...
conference paper 2013