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Skowronek, Adam (author), Grajcar, Adam (author), Garcia-Mateo, Carlos (author), Jiménez, José A. (author), Petrov, R.H. (author)
The development of superior mechanical properties in medium-Mn requires the optimization of microstructural parameters such as retained austenite (RA) stability, volume fraction, and morphology. The present work explores the possibility of using a continuous annealing approach instead of conventional batch annealing to perform an...
journal article 2023
Skowronek, Adam (author), Cordova-Tapia, Erick (author), Tobajas-Balsera, Pilar (author), Garcia-Mateo, Carlos (author), Jiménez, José A. (author), Petrov, R.H. (author), Grajcar, Adam (author)
The novel use of double austempering treatments in a multiphase steel to refine and homogenize the final microstructure and thus improve the material strength have been studied in the 3.3Mn-0.17C-1.6Al-0.23Mo-0.22Si alloy. The microstructural features developed after conventional isothermal austempering treatments at 450 °C and 400 °C were...
journal article 2022
Sanuy, Marc (author), Duo, Enrico (author), Jaeger, W.S. (author), Ciavola, Paolo (author), Jiménez, José A. (author)
Integrated risk assessment approaches to support coastal managers' decisions when designing plans are increasingly becoming an urgent need. To enable efficient coastal management, possible present and future scenarios must be included, disaster risk reduction measures integrated, and multiple hazards dealt with. In this work, the Bayesian...
journal article 2018