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Sedighiani, K. (author), Diehl, M. (author), Traka, K. (author), Roters, F. (author), Sietsma, J. (author), Raabe, D. (author)
A severe obstacle for the routine use of crystal plasticity models is the effort associated with determining their constitutive parameters. Obtaining these parameters usually requires time-consuming micromechanical tests that allow probing of individual grains. In this study, a novel, computationally efficient, and fully automated approach is...
journal article 2020
Oh, H.S. (author), Ma, D (author), Leyson, G.P. (author), Grabowski, B (author), Park, E.S. (author), Körmann, F.H.W. (author), Raabe, D. (author)
Lattice distortions constitute one of the main features characterizing high entropy alloys. Local lattice distortions have, however, only rarely been investigated in these multi-component alloys. We, therefore, employ a combined theoretical electronic structure and experimental approach to study the atomistic distortions in the FeCoNiCrMn high...
journal article 2016
Zhang, S. (author), Kwakernaak, C. (author), Tichelaar, F.D. (author), Sloof, W.G. (author), Kuzmina, M. (author), Herbig, M. (author), Raabe, D. (author), Brück, E. (author), Van der Zwaag, S. (author), Van Dijk, N.H. (author)
The autonomous repair mechanism of creep cavitation during high-temperature deformation has been investigated in Fe-Au and Fe-Au-B-N alloys. Combined electron-microscopy techniques and atom probe tomography reveal how the improved creep properties result from Au precipitation within the creep cavities, preferentially formed on grain boundaries...
journal article 2015