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Saathof, R. (author), Speretta, S. (author), Guo, J. (author), Kuiper, J.M. (author), Gill, E.K.A. (author)
Laser satellite communications provides an attractive application for optical communications. It provides more bandwidth with improved security at potentially a lower cost due to reduced size weight and power (SWAP) and reduced license cost compared to radio frequencies (RF) communications. These advantages have been recognized for years and...
abstract 2021
Saathof, R. (author)
In highly precise systems the thermal expansion of system-parts is of increasing concern, since it can severely compromise its performance at sub-nanometre level. An example of such a system is an Extreme UltraViolet (EUV)-lithography machine that is used in the semi-conductor industry to project the pattern of the chip onto a silicon wafer. In...
doctoral thesis 2013