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Wisboom, Matthijs (author)
The agricultural industry is undergoing a transformative shift towards efficiency and large-scale production. Manual labor is unable to meet the increasing demand, leading to the development of automation techniques. During production, objects are adjusted and moved along a line to maintain productivity. This work investigates the feasibility of...
master thesis 2023
Posner, Noah (author), Krijgsman, Caspar (author), Baran, Krzysztof (author), Wisboom, Matthijs (author), Lambregts, Steven (author)
The monumental goal of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is to model general solutions that can be applied to perform a variety of tasks that normally demand human intelligence to solve. Traditionally human game developers painstakingly design and tweak levels until achieving the precise output of their heart’s desire. In the gaming industry, AI for...
bachelor thesis 2020