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Brunink, Soesja (author)
Nature-based Solutions (NbS) have recently gained more interest in hydraulic engineering. It is based on the concept of using forces of nature rather than working against them. In addition, it focuses on using natural processes to fulfil co-benefits for the parties involved. <br/>One of the parties involved is nature. However, a quantitative...
master thesis 2022
Bangen, Philipp (author)
Lake Bardawil is a hypersaline, shallow coastal lagoon located along the coast of the northern Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. Coastal systems are understood to be hypersaline when the salinity exceeds values of 30 parts per thousand throughout the year.<br/>Being located in the arid climate region of North Africa the lagoon is subject to year-round...
master thesis 2021
Monclus Abadal, Albert (author)
Sandy barriers comprise 12% of coastlines around the world, and most of these barriers enclose tidal bays and lagoons. These systems accommodate human settlements vulnerable to climate change, which offer enough economic, social, and environmental utility to require further research on the impact of climate change and subsequent best management...
master thesis 2018