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Bruin, Chiel (author)
Over the years virtual machines (VMs) have been created to abstract over computer hardware. This simplified code generation and allowed for easy portability between hardware platforms. These VMs are however highly tailored to a particular runtime model. This improves the execution speed, but places restrictions on the types of languages that the...
master thesis 2020
Acda, Mark (author), de Boer, Toon (author), Bos, Thomas (author)
Decision engines can decide from a certain input what the output should be. This is done in a table with columns for inputs and outputs and rows for a combination of inputs together with its corresponding output. A row is also called a rule. A simple program to decide such a decision table can easily be made, like Camunda. However, when the...
bachelor thesis 2019
van Geest, Wiebe (author)
Session types are a formal method to describe communication protocols between two or more actors. Protocols that type check are guaranteed to respect communication safety, linearity, progress, and session fidelity. Basic session types, however, do not in general guarantee anything about the contents of messages, while real-life applicationsĀ of...
master thesis 2018