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Xue, X. (author)
Benchmarking the performance of a quantum computer is of key importance in identifying and reducing the error sources, and therefore in achieving fault-tolerant quantum computation. In the last decade, qubits made of electron spins in silicon emerged as promising candidates for practical quantum computers. To understand their physical properties...
doctoral thesis 2022
van Dijk, J.P.G. (author)
Quantum computers have gained widespread interest as they can potentially solve problems that are intractable even for today’s supercomputers, such as the simulation of quantum systems as initially proposed by Feynman. To achieve such tremendous progress, a quantum computer relies on processing the information stored in quantum bits (qubits),...
doctoral thesis 2021
Sonmez, U. (author)
Today’s systems-on-chip (SOCs) and microprocessors are complex systems that require multiple temperature sensors to monitor temperature variations in multiple spots on a single silicon die. For such thermal management applications, specialized compact and fast temperature sensors are required. This is necessary because executing an intensive...
doctoral thesis 2020