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LI, JINGLIN (author)
To extend Moore’s law, silicon carbide devices attend the researcher’s attention due to their irreplaceable advantages such as high critical breakdown electrical field, wide bandgap and excellent thermal conductivity without sacrificing too much charge carrier mobility. However, the defects on the SiC-oxide interface degrades the performance of...
master thesis 2022
Chen, X. (author)
The worldwide crisis in environmental resources, such as deteriorating water resource is intensifying. In Manhattan island, a metropolitan area, the risk is also extremely remarkable. According to the United Nations sustainable development goals, at the current time, more than 2 billion people across the world are living under the crisis of...
master thesis 2020
van den Brandt, Remon (author)
Loss of Control is the primary contributor to aviation fatalities. To prevent this type of accident, flight envelope protection is considered to be a necessary development. The calculation of the Safe Flight Envelope provides a bound on the states that can safely be approached by the aircraft. Although theoretically accurate, some states may not...
master thesis 2017