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Nelemans, Florian (author)
This thesis is made during my graduation project within the studio Explore Lab at the Technical University of Delft on the Faculty of Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences. Since the writing of my first master thesis, the fascination for the topic arose. At the Architectural Theory department under guidance of Andrej Radman I wrote; ...
master thesis 2018
Filatova, O.G. (author), Yang, Y. (author), Dewald, J.P.A. (author), Tian, Runfeng (author), Maceira-Elvira, Pablo (author), Takeda, Yusuke (author), Kwakkel, Gert (author), Yamashita, Okito (author), van der Helm, F.C.T. (author)
In hemiparetic stroke, functional recovery of paretic limb may occur with the reorganization of neural networks in the brain. Neuroimaging techniques, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), have a high spatial resolution which can be used to reveal anatomical changes in the brain following a stroke. However, low temporal resolution of MRI...
journal article 2018
Petridis, Ioannis (author)
Visual evoked potentials, i.e responses to visual stimulation as recorded using electroencephalography have indicated the existence of nonlinear behavior of the visual pathway. Nonlinearities and time delay in the visual system play an important role in understanding the complex nature of the visual system. This study investigated the nonlinear...
master thesis 2017