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Zhou, K. (author), Chen, Y. (author), Smal, I.V. (author), Lindenbergh, R.C. (author)
Up-to-date 3D building models are important for many applications. Airborne very high resolution (VHR) images often acquired annually give an opportunity to create an up-to-date 3D model. Building segmentation is often the first and utmost step. Convolutional neural networks (CNNs) draw lots of attention in interpreting VHR images as they can...
journal article 2019
Guo, J. (author)
This thesis presents a Delay Locked Loop(DLL) based Single Slope ADC. Compared to the convertional Single Slope ADC, the readout speed is increased by 16 times. A DLL is designed with a start-controlled Phase Frequency Detector (PFD), a differential ended Charge Pump (CP) and fully differential Delay Cells (DC). The multi-stage comparator with...
master thesis 2011