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Lyu, X. (author), Liu, Huiqing (author), Pang, Zhanxi (author), Sun, Zhixue (author)
Steam channeling, one serious problem in the process of steam flooding in heavy oil reservoir, decreases the sweep efficiency of steam to cause a lower oil recovery. Viscosity reducer and nitrogen foam, two effective methods to improve oil recovery with different mechanism, present a satisfactory result after steam flooding. In this article,...
journal article 2018
Eivani, A.R. (author), Zhou, J. (author)
In this research, hot compression test is used to simulate the metallurgical phenomena occurring in the peripheral part of AA7020 aluminum alloy extrudates during hot extrusion and leading to the formation of the peripheral coarse grain (PCG) structure. The temperature profiles at a tracking point in the peripheral part of extrudates are...
journal article 2017
Kroes, T. (author), Valstar, E.R. (author), Eisemann, E. (author)
Purpose Computer-assisted orthopedic surgery aims at minimizing invasiveness, postoperative pain, and morbidity with computer-assisted preoperative planning and intra-operative guidance techniques, of which camera-based navigation and patient-specific templates (PST) are the most common. PSTs are one-time templates that guide the surgeon...
journal article 2015