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Owen, C.C. (author)
The imminence of anthropogenic climate change has motivated a global energy transition towards sustainable power generation. Offshore wind—an important contributor to the energy transition—is expanding, not only in turbine size and number of installations, but also into regions with harsher environmental conditions. One of those conditions in...
doctoral thesis 2024
Owen, C.C. (author), Hammer, T.C. (author), Hendrikse, H. (author)
Cyclic crushing experiments with a haversine velocity waveform were performed on passively confined, freshwater columnar ice specimens for a variety of velocities and frequencies. The aim of the experiments was to study the ice deformation and failure behavior in crushing when loaded at a predefined displacement pattern closely resembling the...
journal article 2023
Nord, T.S. (author), Lourens, E. (author), Oiseth, O. (author), Metrikine, A. (author)
The level-ice forces exerted on a scale model of a compliant bottom founded structure are identified from noncollocated strain and acceleration measurements by means of a joint input-state estimation algorithm. The identification is performed based on two different finite element models: one entirely based on the blueprints of the structure, and...
conference paper 2014